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Personal Branding Mistake #32: YOU'RE NOT LISTENING

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Pay attention to your feed and see what your connections and groups are talking about. Finding out what interests your network allows you to better engage them in your own posts. 

Your social pages work best when you are engaged. Operate like a Fortune 500 brand and pay attention to your social feed. 92% of Fortune 500 brands tweet at least once a day. Check your feed on a regular basis to stay on top of what is relevant to your network. Even if it’s not your top priority, make it part of your day to engage your audience, prospects will notice. 

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Personal Branding Mistake #73: LINK IT UP

There’s no better incentive to read a post than a catchy link. Paste links to interesting articles, personal sites and blogs. Make your readers stop scrolling and start clicking.

Great links are essential to audience engagement and action. Including a link in your update can increase engagement by 84%. The top 50 most engaging updates on LinkedIn include a link, image or video. Capitalize on audience curiosity and make this a best business practice. 50,000 links are shared every minute on Facebook. Actively engage your audience by prompting them with call to action links! Links will take your brand much further than text only posts.

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Personal Branding Mistake #74: ZZZZZZZZ...

No one wants to open an InMail beginning with a generic subject line. Spice it up, get to the heart of why you’re reaching out, and put yourself in your connections shoes – what would make you open an InMail? 

Make your purpose clear and give your audience a reason to get involved. Keep the subject line under 6 words (thinking mobile, roughly 25-30 characters will fit in the subject line on their mobile browser). A short subject line ensures that mobile users see the entire line. Grab your audience’s attention by putting something in the subject line that relates to them. Use questions, lists and other engaging lines. Do your homework and make the message personalized to break through the clutter.

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