The Watermelon Social Story

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Welcome to Watermelon Social.

I founded Watermelon Social in 2016 with the belief that exceptional professionals deserve the same branding and marketing outreach that blue chip brands have enjoyed for decades.

How businesses brand and sell to other businesses has undergone significant change with the growth of social media. The first meeting is now not a meeting at all, but a prospect looking at a company's leadership or sales team on LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Personal branding may be the decider for further contact. Posts and email outreach to engaged professional networks encourage added contact and are rapidly making business growth personal. Watermelon Social was founded to leverage this change.

Watermelon Social serves senior professionals, corporate teams and professional athletes.  

I started my career at global branding and advertising agencies including BBDO, FCB and Publicis working with brands like Pepsi, Unilever, Frito-Lay, Mars and others. Early on I learned the value of having a unique brand promise to help brands stand out from the crowd. I’ve been helping brands succeed from my NYC based parent branding and digital marketing company called Stephan Partners and now from our personal branding and social selling company Watermelon Social. It began with updating my own personal branding and social selling outreach, doing it for friends, then other senior professionals and now corporate clients.

Read further and get in touch with some of our 100+ individual and corporate clients to hear how we’ve helped them brand and sell on the web.

Talk to us and we’ll talk to you about your brand – and how we can help you tell your story.

George Stephan

Managing Partner, Watermelon Social and Stephan Partners