Meet Rob Labritz, our newly branded PGA Golf Professional. We believe that Rob and other senior professionals deserve the same branding and marketing outreach that blue chip brands have enjoyed for decades. Hear what Rob and our other clients have to say about Watermelon Social.


"They're helping me stand out from the pga crowd as a player and coach"

"George and his Watermelon Social team are doing a great job on my branding and outreach. They're helping me stand out from the PGA crowd as a player and coach. Part of their outreach involves packaging my coaching videos as The Rob Labritz Minute. They're also creating the Rob Labritz Performance Golf Clinics to further expand my business. I highly recommend George and his team as awesome partners.

Rob Labritz
PGA Golf Professional | Director of Golf at GlenArbor Golf Club

"George and his team knew exactly what to do"

"Telehouse engaged with Watermelon Social to develop a personal branding strategy for our direct sales team using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool. We needed a strategy that could integrate our THINK NEXT brand positioning and incorporate that on an individual basis. George and his team knew exactly what to do. The end result has been more profile views, more leads and more sales."

Sandra de Novellis
Chief Marketing Innovation Officer, Telehouse | Think Innovation

"Watermelon social used modern marketing to benefit an experienced marketer"

"Of all the trends in the marketing world, none is having a more profound impact on professional interactions than LinkedIn and other social media platforms. George and his team helped me understand how to better articulate my personal brand promise and then supplied copy and professional photography to drive that positioning. Watermelon Social used modern marketing to benefit an experienced marketer. It was a fun process, but more importantly it helped me drive my business and increase my appeal as a marketing consultant." 

Bob Perkins
Managing Partner, Sharp Arrow Consulting | Research Driven Business Solutions

"I had no idea I could even have a brand promise"

“I had been a delinquent in tending to my online brand presence and avoided taking advantage of the power of LinkedIn and other professional platforms. All that changed after my first meeting with George and his Watermelon Social team. With a list of questions to think about I was prepared for our first branding meeting. George calls it getting on the “branding couch.” The surprising thing was that all I had to do was answer his questions and talk about my business. That was it. About a week later George sent me the results of his thinking: my Pre-War Leader personal brand promise. I had no idea I could even have a brand promise. That, along with my brand story, a great photo taken by his professional photographer and support images, immediately went up on my LinkedIn profile page. Suddenly, I had an online presence that I was proud of with branding that helps me stand out from my peers. Mission Accomplished."

Reed Rubey
Founder, Reed Rubey Architect | Pre-War Leader

"Working with Watermelon Social gave me a different perspective on the importance of maintaining a quality brand presence on social media"

"Working with Watermelon Social gave me a different perspective on the importance of maintaining brand presence on social media. Transitioning from a ten year NFL career into the business world was not easy, and developing a brand promise was the last thing on my mind. George and his team made me realize that it should be the first thing. Consulting with Watermelon Social couldn't have come at a better time for me. I highly recommend their services."

John Gilmore Jr.
NFL Retired, Founder, Gilmore Brands | Team Player | Team Leader

"I would gladly recommend George and his team to help lead you through your branding efforts"

"George is a man of many talents. I found his ideas thought-provoking and helpful to my business. He went out of his way to help me uncover my brand promise and to update my social media presence. With so much noise in the marketplace, it's imperative that you have a compelling message, a distinct point of view, and a clear voice across all media. Watermelon Social helped me with this and they made the process fun and enlightening. I would gladly recommend George and his team to help lead you through your branding efforts."

Ann Mehl
Founder and Executive Coach, Ann Mehl Enterprises | Be The Best You Can Be

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