Personal Branding Mistake #92: NOT PATTERN SAVVY!

Look at some successful branded individuals you admire. Notice any patterns? What are their most endorsed skills or most frequently used keywords? Do they match how you’re branding yourself for the same industry?

One of the best ways to build a powerful brand is to learn from others. Visit the social media sites of professionals you admire. Learn from their best practices. There are many patterns and practices that lead to effective personal branding on social media. For example, try to stay clear of these overused words when creating content. The 10 most overused words on LinkedIn are:1. Motivated, 2. Passionate, 3. Creative, 4. Driven, 5. Extensive experience, 6. Responsible, 7.Strategic, 8. Track record, 9. Organizational, and 10. Expert. Avoid these words and come up with alternatives to engage your audience. The top 50 status updates on social media in March 2015 averaged 120 characters. Be on top of trends like these and adopt best practices to improve your online branding.

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